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Detroit International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show
Date:Oct 3 2011 - Oct 10 2011
Event Area:North America
Event Country:US
Event City:Detroit
Event Address: 5385 Perry Drive, Waterford, MI, 48329
Main Organizer:Detroit International Auto Salon
Event Scope:
Product Category
Machine Tools
? CNC Lathe
? Drilling machine, grinding machine, milling machine, planning machine, boring machine
? Machining center, Gear cutter, tapping center
? Electrical Discharge Machine(EDM)
? Wire cutting EDM, sawing machine
? Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing
? Flexible Manufacturing System
? Computerized Numerical Control Turning Center
? Laser Cutter
? Pressing machine, folding bed, shearing machine
? Tube and wire
? Machining equipment, forging equipment, casting equipment
? Gear and reducer.
? Measuring equipment
? Welding and other metal cutting machines.
? Forming machines, accessories and industrial machines.

OEM Auto Parts:
? All products related to automotive manufacturing technology such as powertrain, transmission, chassis, suspension, steering, air-conditioning, brake and vehicle electronics.
? Advanced material technology such as high strength steel and light metals(aluminum, magnesium and titanium)
? Advanced forming technology such as forging, casting, powder metal, spinning and hydroforming.
? Green energy technology and components for electric vehicles.
? Car safety controlling system
? Vehicle structural design and simulation
? Test and validation
? Tooling, fixture and jig.
? Automation of assembly lines.
? Professional hand tools and pneumatic tools.
? Car accessories and components
? Other advanced manufacturing technology
? Other innovative products
? Other systems engineering, managing technique and software

Electric Vehicle
? Pure electric vehicle, hybrid energy vehicles and fuel-cell vehicle
? Light electric vehicle, gasoline engine vehicle
? Alcohol & methanol fuel vehicle and other alternative fuel vehicles
? Water electric transportation and boats
? Low-emission and energy-saving vehicles
? Clean fuel engine
? Battery, fuel cells, battery management system
? Capacitor, energy management system
? Accessories for electric vehicles and other alternative energy vehicles
? Chargers and charging systems
? Air systems, storage & transporting equipment and techinology.
? Electronics, electric and electric protection technology.
? Tests, measurement and simulation equipments & technology
? Repairing & maintaining equipment, tools and technology
? Auxiliary infrastructure
Hosting City

Organized by:
Detroit International Auto Salon
Detroit International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show
5385 Perry Drive, Waterford, MI, 48329
Tel: (248)461-2678
Fax: (248)461-2680

Supporting Organization
Automation Alley
Detroit Chinese Business Association
Economic Development Growth Engine

Show Dates & Hours :
9 a.m. ~ 5 p.m., October 3 to 8, 2011
Free admission by registration and presenting 1 name card at the entrance of the exhibition hall.
No admission for children under 12 years old.
Visitor registration will end 30 minutes before closing of the show days.

COBO Center
Washington Blvd.Detroit, MI 48226

DIAMTS Introduction
Detroit, the capital city of automotive, had been through the toughest time in history in 2008 and 2009. Now US automotive is recovering very well and based on the authority forecast, North America automotive will be back to 15 million of production per year by 2014. Not only are US automotive and US manufacturing making a comeback, their glory will be revived along with the glory of the City of Detroit.

Detroit is delighted to invite all the best companies in the world to bring their most advanced products and technologies to Detroit. Through the 2011 Detroit International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show (DIAMTS), people can share information, technologies and business opportunities with each other. DIAMTS will be the best show time and place for the local company who is interested in the global automotive market. International customers will come to DIAMTS and shop for the products and services provided by local companies based in Detroit, Michigan and the USA. For the international customers and exhibitors, DIAMTS will be the best time and place for networking with the Detroit 3 and all other tier one and two companies.

DIAMTS: one show, three themes. DIAMTS will focus on what Detroit needs urgently. The first theme is OEM auto parts and components, system and modules; the second theme is EV, its system and modules, parts and components, and everything related to green energy in automotive; and the third theme is advanced CNC machinery and production automation. Through DIAMTS, Detroit is going to cooperate with international automotive companies and create a win-win situation for everybody. All are invited and all are welcome. See you all at DIAMTS, Oct 3 to 8, 2011.

The U.S. auto industry mainly concerntrates in the eastern USA, and automotive technology research and development mainly in Michigan state.80% of global R & D activities happen in Detroit that has rich resources, such as lots of technology services companies, proving grounds, chassis testing equipment, with its transportation convenient..
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    >> Company information
Detroit International Auto Salon
Company Country :US
Company City :Detroit
Contact Address : 5385 Perry Drive, Waterford, MI, 48329
Contact Person :Organizing Committee
Contact Postition:
Contact Tel :(248)461-2678
Contact Fax :(248)461-2680
Contact Email
Website :
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